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Griffith Rubber Mills is and always has been a privately held family-owned business.


The current stewards of the company have owned it since 1995 and it is a certified Woman-Owned Business. Griffith Rubber Mills started as a roller and belt company in the early 1900s in the NW Industrial area of Portland, Oregon. It was started by Franklin T. Griffith who was a prominent businessman in the area. He ran it with his brother, Charles.  As time went on other product lines were added and the number of locations grew. The first expansion was to Eugene, Oregon in 1977. The 1980s saw further expansion and we currently operate multiple facilities in Indiana and Oregon. Howard Laney, who was the President at the time, was the driving force behind the growth.


Griffith continues to pay tribute to the hard work of all who have contributed to our overall success. We honor them by dedicating ourselves to carry on the great tradition of Griffith Rubber. We owe it to those who came before us and those who will come after us

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Our Mission


Griffith Rubber Mills is a mid-sized family-owned business.

We have been supplying industrial rubber products to a variety of markets since 1911. Our mission is to be a premier source for the global demand for rubber products. By upholding the latest global quality standards, sustaining the highest on-time delivery and utilizing electronic commerce technology, we will remain uniquely positioned to assist our customers in taking concepts to market at the lowest overall product cost. This combined with our expertise makes us a great company to work for and an invaluable business partner.

Our Vision


Our vision at GRM is to provide a fulfilling work environment while offering excellence in customer service.

We recognize that our company is nothing without its people. We strive to give our staff the greatest opportunity for growth, enjoyment and career satisfaction.

Excellence in customer service and product quality is simply a by-product of outstanding professionals who are committed to the mission and values of our company.

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