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At Griffith, we provide standard sizes for everyday projects as well as custom sizes for the most unique jobs. We value the fact that we work directly with our clients to ensure proper design, production, and delivery. Have an idea for a custom design? No problem. Representatives are eager to turn your concepts into reality.
Our product line includes an array of both standard and custom products that are designed to handle the toughest conditions. In fact, our typical rubber compound resists temperatures from -40 F to +275 F, and we offer special compounds that can withstand temperatures exceeding +300 F.
Standard Products



If your application calls for industry-standard extruded rubber items, Griffith Rubber Mills should be your first choice for fit and durability. We manufacture gaskets, weatherstrip, bumpers, fenders, a variety of seals, and more – in standard sizes, but with quality and workmanship that's anything but standard.


If your applications use industry-standard sizes and configurations, there's a good chance we have the molded rubber products you need – made to Griffith Rubber Mills' uncompromising quality specifications.

Custom Products



While we offer many stock items that may fit your needs, we specialize in designing and manufacturing custom extrusions to meet specific applications.


Though many customers will find that Griffith Rubber Mills has the rubber products they need in a “stock” configuration, “custom” is our claim to fame. We offer custom molding capabilities, in quantities from a few parts to several thousand, as well as custom fabrication.

Roll Covering:

Griffith manufactures rubber rolls for plywood plants, paper mills, printing presses and other industries. We can make rolls from 1” OD to a maximum of 48” OD. We also offer complete refurbishing services for rubber rollers, including resurfacing and journal inspection and replacement.

Die Cutting:

Griffith Rubber Mills offers extensive die-cutting capabilities with quick turnaround, and sizes up to 40” x 70”. With Griffith, you know that you will be getting the highest grade of polymer, the strictest quality control, and a product that performs the way you expect.


Griffith Rubber's capabilities allow us to tailor to your needs.

From design assistance, in-house tooling to full extrusion and molding capabilities. Additionally, we offer value-added services such as slitting, cutting and taping. We don’t stop there! We can help with special packaging and logistic needs all with full IT integration if needed.
Design Assistance:

Whatever your application, our engineering department can assist in designing a part that will meet your needs. Contact Griffith for help in designing a rubber part that will do the job.


Griffith offers complete rubber extrusion capabilities, for everything from structural bearings and windshield gaskets to rubber fenders. We currently extrude over 1,700 different shapes using most natural and synthetic elastomers. Our Microwave cure lines enable us to supply larger volumes in continuous lengths. Our autoclave cure lines allow us to run low to medium volumes with minimal scrap and set up times.


Griffith Rubber Mills offers some of the most comprehensive rubber molding capabilities available anywhere. These include injection, compression, and transfer molding. Whether your volume requirements are high or low, Griffith has the process to produce a quality part at a competitive price.


The complex geometry of rubber extrusion profiles and molded components can present challenging secondary finishing operations. Through creative tooling design Griffith has mastered the cutting process saving valuable production time and ultimately saving our customer money.


When it comes to splicing Griffith is the industry leader. Whether your application calls for a simple end splice using wafer technology or a complex multi-profile injection molded splice, no one knows splicing technology better than Griffith Rubber Mills.


Tapes or adhesives often will improve productivity during the final assembly process. In many cases, tape or adhesive can be used to eliminate the need for traditional mechanical fastening systems.


At Griffith Rubber Mills our in-house engineering and tooling capabilities enable us to take a design and translate it into the tools required to make your products. Our broad in-house capabilities enable Griffith Rubber Mills to maintain control of the entire process without involving third parties, ensuring exact translation of your data to the finished product.


Many customers have needs that go beyond part manufacturing. We here at Griffith know that getting your parts on schedule is just as important as making them. We are here to help find a solution. Our goal is 100% on-time delivery with absolute compliance to your shipping instructions... With service in:

  • Warehousing


  • Returnable container management

We can help make your supply line run as smooth and efficient as possible.

IT integration:

Today’s commerce often requires the efficacy and accuracy of electronic information exchange. Griffith has full electronic commerce integration available to meet your needs.

  • EDI [Electronic Data Interchange]

  • EFT [Electronic Funds Transfer]

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