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Griffith Rubber Mills has been a US manufacturer for over a century.

We are a certified Woman Owned Business. Griffith Rubber is a recognized leader in the industries we serve. Our rich history, combined with a desire to maintain a competitive edge, results in a quality supplier who is here to serve you now and will continue to be a solid supplier into the future.

Products & Capabilites

Our products are all proudly produced right here in the US by our amazingly skilled team.

We are experts in rubber extrusionsplicingmolding, roll covering and die-cutting. Our goal is to provide the highest quality products with reliable customer service and timely delivery.

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Griffith Rubber Mills is a leader in Architectural Glazing Technology:


Stanlock Glazing Gaskets are used in building construction worldwide.  Available for steel, concrete frames and concrete expansion joints.

Over 100 years of proven success

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Portland, Oregon | Eugene, Oregon | Garrett, Indiana

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